Special report: The End of Traditional Mammography?

July 25, 2013

An industry report featured in the July issue of DotMed Business Newstackled the changing landscape of breast cancer screening. Many say the use of traditional mammography may decrease, as new task force recommendations question its benefits and the push for more a personalized approach to staging disease takes center stage. To get that "on-the-ground" perspective, the publication talked to radiologists from across the country to see what's next in treating women. Emily Conant, MD, chief of Breast Imaging in the department of Radiology, says it starts with better tools, like tomosynthesis. "Is there a way we can reduce cancer while tailoring screening to a woman's needs? We're just getting into that realm with research and new technologies and it would be just horrible to stop," she told DotMed. "Digital tomosynthesis cut down false positive callbacks by 24 percent in our first year and increased our cancer detection rate. So when you look at the risk/benefit balance, that risk has been decreased and the balance is statistically better."

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