Study of Brain Tumor Adds Up to Better Treatment

February 12, 2013

Steven Brem, MD, co-director of the Penn Brain Tumor Center and professor of Neurosurgery, is quoted in a Chicago Tribunestory discussing a new mathematical model that accurately predicts the growth of the most aggressive and common type of brain tumor, a breakthrough which researchers say will help doctors combat the tumor more effectively. The models are similar to those used by meteorologists to track the growth and movement of storms. The 'response criteria' for glioblastoma is understanding the speed: We generate the simulated prediction of what the tumor would have looked like if we hadn't treated the patient, and then use that as a base line to understand how far (the therapy) deflected tumor growth. Brem said the findings are "highly innovative, exciting and offer an important tool to accelerate drug discovery and ultimately find an effective therapy for patients suffering from glioblastoma."

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