Penn's Abramson Cancer Center welcomes Phillip Mucksavage, MD

July 18, 2012

Phillip Mucksavage, MD has joined the Department of Surgery (Urology) as an Assistant Professor of Clinical Urology. He specializes in minimally invasive and robotic urologic cancer and reconstructive procedures. Dr. Mucksavage employs these techniques to treat complex kidney cancers (partial or radical nephrectomy, nephro-ureterectomy), uretero-pelvic junction obstruction, and ureteral repair or reimplant. He routinely performs robotic radical or simple prostatectomies and adrenalectomies, and radical or partial cystectomies.

Dr. Mucksavage also specializes in the surgical management of complex kidney stone disease, using the combined endoscopic and percutaneous approach to treat staghorn calculi or large kidney stones. This is often done in one single procedure without the need to leave external drains.

He is a member of national professional and scientific societies including the American Urologic Association and Endourology Society. His research interests include improving clinical outcomes in urologic cancer through the use of less invasive surgical techniques and investigating novel kidney stone procedures. Dr. Mucksavage has written numerous book chapters on robotic surgery and has contributed many original articles to peer-reviewed research journals.

He will see patients and perform surgery at Pennsylvania Hospital.