Mom, Daughter Fight Lung Cancer

November 7, 2011

The Reporter

An article in The Reporter details the efforts of lung cancer survivor Donna-Lee Lista to raise money and awareness for the disease, and to end the stigma of it being only a smoker's disease. Lista serves on the Abramson Cancer Center's Director's Leadership Council and writes a blog for OncoLink, and has joined forces with her teenage daughter, who fundraises by selling t-shirts and tie-dyed hair ties at her lacrosse games. “It’s happening to more and more people who haven’t smoked, I’ve sort of made it my mission,” Lista said. “I don’t think anyone deserves this disease. There is such a stigma, it’s hard to get funding.” She’s hopeful because some of the research into treatments and finding cancer-related genes is bearing fruit. “We are starting to make lung cancer not as taboo,” Lista said. “Anybody can get lung cancer who has a set of lungs. That is the bottom line.” Read More

Learn more about lung cancer treatment at the Abramson Cancer Center.