LIVESTRONG™ Cancer Survivorship Center

Team Approach

The Lance Armstrong Foundation Living Well After Cancer Program brings together nationally prominent experts in the care of long-term cancer survivors. Working together they focus on serving the unique medical and psychosocial needs of cancer survivors.

Interdisciplinary Evaluation

During the visit patients that are eligible to be seen in the program will receive a comprehensive review of their cancer treatment experience and any current medical and psychosocial issues. If eligible for the program survivors are seen by an oncologist and nurse practitioner practice team. Based on this evaluation, survivors may be referred to a psychosocial counselor, nutritionist and/or cancer rehabilitation specialist. The team may also recommend some additional testing, research opportunities, or consultations with other specialists. Each visit emphasizes education so that survivors are provided with the information and tools they need for optimal well-being. Finally, a personalized plan is developed that provides a road map for action for survivors and their providers.