Robotic Surgery for Kidney Cancer

This surgical video demonstrates a robotic partial nephrectomy performed at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center by C. William Schwab, II, MD. The patient is a 39 year old woman who was incidentally found to have a 2.5cm tumor on the posterior aspect of her left kidney on a CT scan obtained for evaluation of abdominal pain. Using a DaVinci S surgical robot, Dr. Schwab was able to precisely excise the cancer and reconstruct the kidney through 4 dime sized incisions with very small amount of blood loss. Final pathology revealed a 3cm kidney cancer, clear cell variant, grade 2/4. The surgical margins were negative. The patient was able to walk and drink liquids the following morning, and was discharged home on post operative day three. She returned to normal activities three weeks after surgery.

Be advised that the following video contains graphic material of an actual surgery, and may not be suitable for all viewers.

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PDF Clinical Briefing: Robotic Partial Nephrectomy

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