World's First Engineered T Cell Receptor Trial Opens with New Cellular Therapy for HIV

October 8, 2009

Penn Medicine News Release

Researchers announced the opening for enrollment of the first ever study using patients’ cells carrying an engineered T cell receptor to treat HIV. The trial may have important implications in the development of new treatments for HIV potentially slowing – or even preventing – the onset of AIDS. The trial will be led by Carl June, MDand Pablo Tebas, MD, “We are treating patients for the first time with an enhanced version of a natural T cell receptor designed to recognize and clear HIV. This is the first time an engineered T cell receptor will be given to patients with HIV infection,” said June. “We will be treating patients currently well-controlled on HAART therapies in order to establish whether the engineered killer T cells containing the receptor are safe, and to identify a range of doses of the cells that can be safely administered. It is a truly an important day for T cell immunotherapy.” Read More