Jun Mao, MD, conducts study on breast cancer survivors' impression of their primary care physicians' follow-up care

August 17, 2009

The American Journal of Hematology Oncology

As more individuals diagnosed with cancer become long-term survivors, understanding their perspectives about how primary care physicians (PCPs) are involved in survivorship care is important for designing interventions that will improve the quality of survivorship care. In a recent study,1 we surveyed 300 breast cancer survivors (BCSs) seen at the outpatient oncology clinic at the Abramson Cancer Center. The areas of PCP-related care most strongly endorsed by survivors were general care, psychosocial support, and health promotion. Fewer survivors perceived their PCPs as knowledgeable about cancer follow-up, aware of late effects of cancer therapies, and skilled at treating symptoms related to cancer therapies. Most patients did not feel their PCPs and oncologists communicated well... Read More

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