Angela DeMichele, MD, MSCE, talks about how oral drugs are changing cancer treatment on WHYY Radio

July 31, 2009


Angela DeMichele, MD, MSCE, an associate professor of Hematology/Oncology and Epidemiology, is quoted in a WHYY Radio story about how oral chemotherapy agents are changing the way in which cancer care is delivered. An Abramson Cancer Center patient, Bill Minyard, and his wife, Rhonda, are also featured in the segment, sharing the story of how they have adjusted to his at-home drug regimen for leukemia. Although, as DeMichele notes, oral agents cut down on the frequency of doctor's office visits and the emotional impact of receiving treatment in the hospital, taking cancer drugs at home can lead to dosing errors or confusion about how to take the medicines. The high cost of the drugs is another factor that may undercut compliance, DeMichele says. When "we have a life-saving treatment for cancer that our health system has spent millions of dollars developing, and we finally find a drug that's a real winner," she says "it's really a shame when a patient simply can't afford to take it." Read More/Listen to Show