Dr. Chris Miller discusses the increased risks for those on certain medications

May 26, 2009

ABC 6 Action News

A 6ABC segment notes that, as we head into summer, dermatologists are urging everyone to protect themselves from the sun – especially people taking certain medications. After HUP Dermatology patient Eileen Borden of Newtown, Pa., got sick 14 years ago, she feared she wouldn't live to meet her grandchildren. But a double-lung transplant saved her life. Now to help her stay healthy, Eileen checks her skin, and visits her dermatologist every three months. That's because the anti-rejection medications she takes put her at a greater risk for skin cancer. Christopher Miller, MD, assistant professor of Dermatology, says patients who take certain drugs to suppress their immune system for arthritis or psoriasis also have a heightened risk. And some common drugs, such as antibiotics and anti-depressants can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. "Anything that theoretically increases your risk for sunburn, increases your risk for skin cancer," says Dr. Miller. Watch Video