Targeted Treatments Show Mettle Against Advanced Cancers: Progression-free survival longer when treatment aimed at specific tumor traits

April 23, 2009


HealthDay News notes that patients with a variety of advanced cancers who had been faring poorly on less finely tuned therapies did better when they received treatments that were targeted to their tumors' specific characteristics. Two studies, presented Sunday at the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting in Denver, focused on the brain tumors known as glioblastomas. One from researchers at the University of Pennsylvania indicated that an imaging technique known as magnetic resonance perfusion-weighted imaging may be able to identify genetic mutations which could then help guide treatment choices. With further validation, these findings may result in use of the procedure in clinical trials and, further down the line, actual practice, said Dr. Deepa Subramaniam, director of the brain tumor center at Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Georgetown University, in Washington, D.C. Read More