Philadelphia Doctors Have Found a Way To Treat a Side Effect of Breast Cancer Surgery

October 2, 2013

CBS3 reports on a new procedure performed by Suhail Kanchwala, MD, assistant professor of Surgery in Plastic Surgery - a vascularized lymph node transfer, a new approach to treating lymphedema in the US. The complex, microvascular surgery entails relocating healthy lymph nodes to a region where lymph nodes were removed due to previous cancer surgery. "When you remove lymph nodes, fluid backs up in the extremities," Kanchwala said. Lymphedema can increase the risk of infection, as well. One of the first 18 patients to have the procedure, a neonatologist whose career was threatened by the swelling of her hands impacting her ability to care for tiny infants, toldCBS3that "I'm amazed by the pioneers that constantly are bringing new therapies forward. This has given me optimism for the future."

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