Basser Center Spreads Cancer Risk Warnings to Synagogues During High Holidays

September 9, 2013

A WHYY radio story details the Basser Research Center for BRCA's campaign to increase awareness about the risk of BRCA gene mutations among the Jewish community during the High Holidays. The national campaign -- with more than 1,500 synagogues across the country -- features posters detailing information about BRCA genes and genetic testing options. "We're just ... advocating take a look at your family history, is there breast or ovarian cancer in your family, would this make any sense to you," said Susan Domchek, MD, executive director of the Basser Center. "And if it does, then meet with somebody who knows about these issues – a genetic counselor or a physician to organize that testing." The process of counseling is essential, Domchek said, "so that you understand what the medical options are and how you're going to make decisions about what's right for you."

WHYY segment