Darren Daulton Diagnosed With 2 Brain Tumors

June 29, 2013

NBC10 reports that Darren Daulton, a beloved member of the Philadelphia Phillies for 14 seasons, has been diagnosed with two brain tumors. Penn neurosurgeon Donald O'Rourke, MD, says it depends on the location of the tumor, and not the size, for it to be considered inoperable. The report notes that HUP is not currently treating Daulton, but that "HUP is on the leading edge of research, diagnosis and surgery when it comes to brain tumors; they have some of the finest neurosurgeons in the country." O'Rourke notes that "in general, fewer things are inoperable as the used to be because we have tremendous advances in technology in neurosurgery. It would have to be a very deep-seated tumor, or in very difficult regions of the brain, high risk territories, for this to be inoperable." In general, someone diagnosed with a brain tumor today, because of the advances in surgery and diagnostic techniques, has a much better chance of recovering and resuming normal life than they did even 10 years ago.

NBC10 story