Pinning Hopes on a Penn Gene Therapy

March 11, 2013

A front-page article in the Philadelphia Inquirer details the story of the fifth pediatric patient to undergo a cancer gene therapy developed by a Penn Medicine team. The seven-year-old child from Maryland had suffered two relapses of acute lymphoblastic leukemia before entering the trial for the new therapy at CHOP, which has put her back in remission. She is among the pediatric and adult patients benefiting from a 20-year research effort led by Carl June, MD, the Richard W. Vague Professor in Immunotherapy in the department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and director of Translational Research in the Abramson Cancer Center. The therapy has shown "startling effectiveness," the Inquirer notes, leading to a partnership between Novartis and Penn in commercializing the technology, and several patients remain in remission more than 2 1/2 years after receiving the treatment.

Philadelphia Inquirer article