American Cancer Society uses Broad Street Run to help Learn Cancer's Causes

April 26, 2012

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Over the last 60 years, the American Cancer Society has enrolled millions of volunteers in long-term studies that helped identify smoking, obesity, and air pollution as contributors to various cancers.

Now, the organization is conducting its most ambitious cancer-prevention study ever.

But finding enough participants hasn’t been easy.

“To a certain extent, we’re seeing a generational shift,” said Alpa Patel, director of the latest study. ”People are busier, and their lifestyles have changed.”

That’s why the cancer society is partnering with the Blue Cross Broad Street Run to use the enormously popular 10-mile race (more than 30,000 slots sold out in five hours) as an opportunity to recruit runners, their families, and friends.

Anyone between age 30 and 65 who has not had cancer — and would like to make a simple but important contribution to medical science — can enroll in the study May 4 or 5 at Lincoln Financial Field, during the prerace Not for Runners Only Expo... Read More