Study: Aspirin Can Help Treat and Prevent Cancer

March 22, 2012


New studies show that aspirin may reduce incidences of cancer and keep the disease from spreading in patients who have already been diagnosed. In a segment on CBS3, Carmen Guerra, MD, MSCE, FACP, associate professor of General Internal Medicine, said the studies are among the first to show that aspirin reduces metastases. "The size of the studies adds a lot of validity to the findings, which show that aspirin does reduce the risk of certain cancers." Guerra adds that for healthy patients, the potential negative affects of aspirin outweigh the cancer fighting potential, but for those who are already taking aspirin to combat cardiovascular disease, Guerra says "they would have this additional benefit of possibly reduced risk of cancer." Jonas Ellenberg, PhD, professor of Biostatistics, says he takes a baby aspirin daily to lower his risk of cardiovascular disease. He calls the added benefit "a freebie." Read More