Skin Cancer at 26

March 21, 2012

Women's Health Magazine

A health editor covering a story on cancer suddenly found herself in the role of patient, and shared her story in Women's Health. "I stared at the mole every time I looked in the mirror for 3 years before I learned it was skin cancer. In that time, I saw five doctors. Three general practitioners never mentioned it. One ophthalmologist told me it was probably a skin tag, and another ophthalmologist agreed. Christopher Miller, MD, director of dermatologic surgery at the University of Pennsylvania, spotted it immediately. I was interviewing Miller for a story about my colleague who was undergoing surgery to remove a spot of skin cancer from his nose. As Miller was preparing Adam, he turned to me mid-sentence. 'How long have you had that spot on your eye?' I was sitting 6 feet away. But from that distance, Miller could see the telltale waxy surface of my 2-millimiter mole. Miller biopsied it that day. The verdict: Basal call carcinoma." Read More

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