Virtual Visits Unpopular Among Cancer Survivors

December 16, 2011

Reuters Health

Reuters Health reports that in a new survey of breast cancer survivors, few people said that having a follow-up appointment with a doctor or nurse over the phone or online instead of in person would ease their stress and worry. Only 12 percent of participants said communicating with a cancer doctor or nurse on the phone or online would relieve their stress about the follow-up "visit." Christine Hill-Kayser, MD, assistant professor and radiation oncologist, comments on the study, explaining that a "virtual visit" may make patients feel like they're not getting the same quality of care. The idea of the virtual visit is still a pretty new one, Hill-Kayser said. In the future, researchers and doctors will have to do a better job of educating patients about the benefits of virtual visits and being clear about what they involve. "There's some potential benefit to being able to be in touch with survivors more often and in a way that's more convenient for them," Hill-Kayser told Reuters Health... Read More