With Breast Cancer, Remove One Breast or Both?

December 12, 2011

WHYY Newsworks

A blog post included in WHYY's Newsworks reports that E! News host Guiliana Rancic recently announced plans to have a double mastectomy to remove not only her breast in which cancer has been detected but also her apparently healthy other breast. But, the blog sites a new study from researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine that suggests women who have contralateral prophylactic mastectomy (CPM) may not benefit as much as they might expect. Using statistical models based on findings from existing studies, researchers led by Robert Prosnitz, MD, assistant professor of Radiation Oncology, determined that women who have CPM see a very modest gain in life expectancy. But even the slightest decline in quality of life a woman might experience after CPM completely offset that small benefit. Only a woman who suffered absolutely no loss of quality of life would benefit from CPM, the study found... Read More