New Drug Combination Controls Advanced Breast Cancers

December 8, 2011

USA Today

There are no drugs to cure breast cancer as advanced as Elise Winters'; her tumors have spread around her body. But Winters, diagnosed in 2002, says she's grateful that a series of experimental therapies has prolonged her life, even if some drugs have only worked for a year or two.

"I've been the beneficiary of cutting-edge research," says Winters, 64, an artist from New Jersey. "Maybe I'll be lucky enough to benefit from the next thing to come along."

That's why Winters is encouraged by results of two new studies, being presented today at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. She wasn't involved in either, but she knows how desperately women with advanced breast cancer need more options. Nearly 41,000 U.S. women die of the disease a year. Both drugs keep tumors in check months longer than standard therapies, finds the research... Read More

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