Writing about illness can help cancer patients feel better

December 8, 2011


WHYY FM and WHYY.org covered the "Write to Fight Cancer" workshop for cancer patients and survivors at Pennsylvania Hospital on December 1. The Abramson Cancer Center at Pennsylvania Hospital coordinated and hosted the event. According to research, a "daily habit of creative writing has been shown to improve a cancer patient's well-being." It may not help all patients, but a "study published in 2007 in the medical journal The Oncologist found that cancer patients who write 20 minutes a day felt quantitatively better." They slept better, ate better, and communicated better with their physicians. The workshop was led by author and editor David Tabatsky who, over the course of two hours aided about 20 patients and survivors, who ranged from published writers looking to "take their writing to the next level" - to patients struggling to cope with anxiety, fear and anger... Read More