Investment in Gene Therapy Pays Off

November 21, 2011

Greenwich Time

Edward Netter wasn't willing to accept the status quo when it came to cancer treatment.

Before he and his wife, Barbara, founded the Stamford-based Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy in 2001, after their daughter-in-law lost her battle with breast cancer, Edward attended a symposium on gene therapy, and recognized that these therapies were the future of treating, and possibly curing, various types of cancer.

Edward Netter, a retired financial services executive, died in February, just months before an ACGT-funded trial made a major breakthrough. Doctors at the University of Pennsylvania treated three patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia by genetically modifying their T-cells. Using an inactive version of HIV, the doctors added new DNA that causes the T-cells to target and kill cancerous tumors... Read More

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