Penn Medical Students Spearhead Bone Marrow Drive

November 18, 2011


By speaking, signing, and swabbing, Penn students enlisted to take part in 'Give a spit about cancer,' a drive to register potential bone marrow donors. "Right now 4 out of 10 patients who need bone marrow transplants can't find a match," said Perelman School of Medicine student David Fajgenbaum in an interview with 6ABC. Fajgenbaum co-founded National Students of AMF, named for the initials of his mother Anne Marie Fajgenbaum who lost her fight with brain cancer six years ago. The non-profit supports grieving students, but also helps fight back against any illnesses that affected them. This effort to register bone marrow donors will largely help people suffering from blood cancer. Thanks to medical advances, donating bone marrow in most cases is not as intrusive as it used to be. View Video

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