Reprogrammed Immune Cells Vanquish Cancer in Promising Breakthrough

November 7, 2011

Penn Gazette

Michael Kalos, PhD, an adjunct associate professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and director of the Translational and Correlative Studies Laboratory, is interviewed in a Penn Gazette article that chronicles the process that led to the results of the breakthrough gene therapy trial for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia that was reported this summer by Kalos and his Abramson Cancer Center colleagues. Kalos said he believes the results were so positive, in part, because Penn Medicine’s infrastructure is unique, with each doctor contributing a specific area of expertise. The other physicians and scientists who led the research include Carl June, MD, director of translational research in the Abramson Cancer Center, Bruce Levine, PhD, who directs the Clinical Vaccine Production Facility, and David Porter, MD, director of director of Blood and Marrow Transplantation. “This is the way you get things to work,” says Kalos. “All of the expertise doesn’t lie in one person.” Read More

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