Vitamin E Supplement Increases Prostate Cancer Risk

October 12, 2011


Bruce Malkowicz, MD, a professor of Urology and co-director of Urologic Oncology, was quoted in a CBS3 story covering the results of a national trial aimed at examining whether vitamin E might play a role in preventing prostate cancer. Results published this week, however, showed that the supplement -- which was taken at much higher levels than is standard in daily multivitamin pills -- actually raised the risk of developing prostate cancer. “I think it’s important that you had a trial like this that now gives us solid evidence to start looking and making reasonable recommendations to people” about the true role of supplements for cancer prevention, said Malkowicz, who was the site PI for the trial. "Right now I don’t think anyone would recommend using vitamin E, or a supplement like that, for prostate cancer health.” Read More

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