Musician's Campaign Sparks a Lifesaving Bone Marrow Transplant

October 10, 2011

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Edward Stadtmauer, MD, co-director of the Bone Marrow & Stem Cell Transplant Program in the Abramson Cancer Center, is quoted in a Philadelphia Inquirer story about a Massachusetts leukemia patient who received a bone marrow transplant using donated stem cells from a Philadelphia-area resident who entered the National Marrow Donor Program registry following a bone marrow drive for saxophonist Michael Brecker, whose battle with the disease is chronicled in the new documentary "More to Live For." Stadtmauer explained the two different types of bone marrow transplants (also known as stem cell transplants) have different goals. He called an autologous transplant (using a patient's own cells) supportive care, explaining that the higher-dose chemotherapy and radiation involved in treatment of the disease give "a better chance for continuing remission or cure, but you couldn't give an adequate dose if you didn't have stem cells to put back in" after treatment. Allogeneic transplants -- meaning those using stem cells donated from another person -- are most like a solid organ transplant, coming with side effects but delivering the promise of ongoing therapeutic value... Read More

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