Cancer, Vision Research at Penn Medicine gets $12.5 million in NIH Grants

September 30, 2011

Med City News

Three University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine labs received $12.5 million in research funding for gene research and cancer treatment from the National Institutes of Health, reinforcing the medical school’s position as one of the country’s top grant recipients.

Sunil Singhal M.D., director of the Thoracic Surgery Research Laboratory at the Perelman School of Medicine, shared a $7 million, five-year Transformative Research Project Award with a team of researchers from Emory University and Georgia Tech. They have developed fluorescent nanoparticle probes that hone in on cancer cells with the goal of making the cells easier to identify against the surrounding tissues, particularly the edges of a tumor, and easier to remove surgically. One of the complex aspects of cancer surgery is the tumor is sometimes not completely removed, according to a statement from the medical school.

The grant includes plans for tests of the nanoparticles in animal models and a first-in-human clinical trial for patients with lung cancer. The proposed technologies could be broadly applicable to many types of solid tumors, particularly in reducing recurrence rates of lung cancer after surgery, the statement said... Read More