Dr. Carl June, Cancer Buster

September 12, 2011

Bloomberb Businessweek

Bloomberg Businessweek magazine's "Innovator" column profiles Carl June, MD, director of Translational Research in the Abramson Cancer Center, who led the team that this summer published a pair of breakthrough papers detailing a breakthrough in the use of gene therapy for cancer. The article chronicles the progression of June's research in immunotherapies to treat cancer, which began during his two decades as a Navy doctor, when he experimented with new bone marrow transplant techniques to help sailors injured by radioactivity during events such as nuclear submarine accidents. Studying radiation, which kills T cells, helped him better understand the body’s immune system; observing the difficulty of marrow transplants convinced him there must be a better way to treat certain cancers. The new technique eliminates the terrible side effects and high mortality rate associated with bone marrow transplants by treating patients with modified versions of their own cells. The results, which have eradicated tumors in two of three terminal chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients treated on the new protocol, far exceeded his team's hopes. “It was clear right away that this new therapy was not a little bit better, it was exponentially better,” June says... Read More

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