Jobs's Apple Exit Follows Eight-Year Health Fight After Cancer Diagnosis

August 26, 2011 ran articles about Steve Job’s exit as CEO of Apple, Inc., - which he co-founded in 1976 – after years of battling a rare form of pancreatic cancer. The neuroendocrine tumor he was diagnosed with back in 2003 “wasn’t the worst-case scenario, since it’s often less aggressive than other pancreatic malignancies that can kill patients within a year.” Jobs said August 24th that he can no longer meet his duties and expectation as Apple’s CEO. David C. Metz, MD, professor of Medicine and associate chief for clinical affairs in Gastroenteroogy at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania is quoted in the articles. According to Metz, “It’s not at all surprising that someone with Jobs’s health history would step down… Whether transplantation is a cure for neuroendocrine tumors or not remains relatively controversial. In my opinion it’s a low-yield approach.” Read More