The tattooed nipples, looking so real

July 27, 2011

The Philadelphia Inquirer

An article in the Philadelphia Inquirer writes that, after reconstructive breast surgery, women have been known to go without nipples for years, explained Mandy Sauler, a West Chester-based tattoo artist who specializes in nipples. That's because fighting breast cancer is a grueling process that often entails months or years of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. By the time entire breasts are removed, and nipples - which sometimes have malignant cells, too - go with them, getting a good facsimile is not always first on a woman's to-do list. An increasing number of mastectomy patients are demanding tattooed nipples, according to Sauler, who has started talks with Breast Reconstruction team from Plastic Surgery and the Abramson Cancer Center to discuss fulfilling the demand... Read More