Cost Effectiveness Chief Barrier to Implementing Lung CT Screening

July 25, 2011

Health Imaging & IT Magazine

Health Imaging & IT Magazine ran an article about how despite an abrupt halt amid results that lung spiral CT screening reduces mortality by 20 percent, researchers with the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) say it may be some time before the medical community can use the test for the nation’s number one cancer killer. This is mostly due to a false-positive rate above 95 percent. Drew A. Torigian, MD, an associate professor of Radiology and principal investigator of the NLST at Penn is quoted throughout the article. “The results demonstrated a definitive benefit in terms of lung cancer mortality and overall mortality for low-dose CT screening compared to x-ray,” explained Dr. Torigian. The findings are significant, he indicated, “because diagnoses of lung cancer tend to come so late in the disease’s progression that surgery and other treatments frequently are not curative.” Read More