Penn Radiology Expert Comments on Cleveland Offering $99 Lung Cancer Screening Tests

June 22, 2011

Cleveland Plain Dealer

According to an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center in Ohio, buoyed by initial findings from a landmark national study “will soon begin offering $99 lung cancer screenings to longtime, pack-a-day smokers and others considered to be at extreme risk for the number one cancer killer in America. Oncologists and radiologists across the country have high - albeit, in some cases, tempered - hopes that low-dose spiral computed tomography will be an effective tool in identifying cancerous tumors and nodules” sooner. When found early, lung cancer has up to a 90 percent cure rate. Drew Torigian, MD, assistant professor of Radiology, was the PI of the National Cancer Institute's National Lung Screening Trial at HUP, one of the 30 study sites, and is quoted in the article... Read More