Abagovomab No Help in Ovarian Cancer

June 14, 2011

MedPage Today

George Coukos, MD, PhD, director of the Ovarian Cancer Research Center, was quoted in a MedPage Today article about results reported at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology from a study using the experimental monoclonal antibody drug abagovomab to protect women with advanced ovarian cancer. Coukos suggested that the target of abagovomab – the CA-125 receptor – may not be the best avenue to approach ovarian cancer recurrence. "CA-125-targeted immunotherapy based on antibody approaches does not appear to be a useful clinical strategy," Coukos said. He noted that oregovomab -- a cousin of abagovomab – also failed to produce positive results in ovarian cancer. But he wasn't willing to give up on immunotherapy in the disease. "Multivalent immunization may be more successful; immunomodulation is likely to play an important role," he said. Read More [access may be restricted]

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