Camp Erin helps kids cope with loss

May 17, 2011


A hundred children and teenagers who have lost loved ones will gather in Bucks County this weekend for the fifth annual Camp Erin bereavement camp. Camp director Elise Gaul, children's bereavement coordinator with Penn Wissahickon Hospice, said it will be a "fun, high-energy" weekend filled with arts, crafts, games and a remembrance ceremony. She said a camp format is good for kids, who grieve in a different way than adults. "They're not going to sit down with a therapist or counselor and talk about their feelings," Gaul said. "They're going to want to express them in play and movement and things like that." Penn Wissahickon Hospice children's bereavement program participant, 12-year-old Kyle Turner went to Camp Erin last year, just five months after his dad passed away, and he's looking forward to going back this weekend. "It really gives you a chance to interact with people who have gone through the same or close to the same thing," Kevin said. "You realize you're not alone." Read More