Fundraising Walk Focuses on Brain Tumor Awareness

May 2, 2011


To increase awareness about brain tumors and the signs leading to diagnosis, Delaware's Kelly Heinz-Grundner Brain Tumor Foundation hosted a fundraising walk along the Wilmington Riverfront last weekend, according to a WHYY Radio/NPR story. A tumor can push on the brain or integrate in normal tissue causing big treatment complications. Associate Professor of Neurosurgery Donald O'Rourke, MD, says the symptoms that suggest a brain tumor are often misdiagnosed by primary care doctors who -- understandably -- first suspect more common conditions such as stroke. "I think that we just have to be attentive to neurological illness, and we have to keep it a little less in the back of our minds, and a little more in the forefront, that someone presenting with headache or neurological symptoms or even something very subtle should have an MRI study," he said. O'Rourke says an explosion of medical technology has given specialists better tools for detection and treatment. Read More