3-D Breast Scan Seen as Breakthrough

March 22, 2011

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Emily Conant, MD, chief of Breast Imaging and Andrew D. A. Maidment, PhD, FAAPM, associate professor of Radiology and chief, Physics Section in the Department of Radiology, are both featured in an article about the FDA's recent decision to approve three-dimensional mammography. The new technology makes a 3-D "reconstruction of the inside of the breast. While spatial detail is like a CT." The first breast "tomosynthesis" system to be approved is made by Hologic Inc. of Bedford, MA, but other companies are rushing to get their own machines into the market. In studies -- of which Penn did take part - the new technology "enables radiologists to find more malignancies, with fewer false alarms or 'false positives.'" Read More