Did Breast Implants Cause Rare Cancer?

February 23, 2011

Palm Beach Post

Carolyn Mies, MD
, director of the Breast Pathology Subspecialty Service, is quoted in a Palm Beach Post Story about a woman who developed a rare form of lymphoma linked to the breast implants she got during reconstruction surgery following breast cancer. After doctors gave the Florida patient, Sherry Kellogg, different diagnoses, Mies got involved in the case and conducted a definitive molecular test to identify the type of cancer. Spurred by reports of more than 30 women like Kellogg, the FDA recently launched an investigation into the link between the implants and the rare cancer. "We had all decided in late 2008 that it was not her breast cancer coming back, but was this very rare condition," Mies said. "I am just so happy that she is doing well." Read More

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