2010/2011 LIVESTRONG Survey for People Affected by Cancer

January 18, 2011

Take the LIVESTRONG Survey for People Affected by Cancer
If you have ever been affected by cancer,
LIVESTRONG wants to hear from you

LIVESTRONG is conducting an anonymous survey for all people who have been affected by cancer, including:
  • Anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer
  • Anyone who has a loved one who has ever been diagnosed with cancer
LIVESTRONG recognizes that cancer survivors face many obstacles from the point of diagnosis and beyond. We know that cancer impacts individuals other than just the person diagnosed with cancer. The survey will provide valuable information that will help LIVESTRONG improve programs and resources for people who have been affected by cancer. Survey results will be available in late 2011.

If you qualify, take the survey at http://tiny.cc/bsaik

If you have questions about the survey, please contact Ruth Rechis at research@livestrong.org or (512) 236-8820.

Take the LIVESTRONG Survey today at http://tiny.cc/bsaik

Background Information
In 2006, LIVESTRONG launched a survey to assess the post-treatment needs of cancer survivors. This survey went beyond identifying whether or not a person had experienced a concern to further understand who was providing help for concerns and how well that help met their needs as well as why help was not received for some concerns experienced. Over the last 6 months, in partnership with the RAND Corporation, the Lance Armstrong Foundation has conducted a gap analysis of the survey, including both a content analysis and a respondent analysis. Overall, the survey is a valid instrument.

Moving Forward
The Lance Armstrong Foundation has launched a new and improved version of the survey. This survey was reviewed and approved as exempt by Western Institutional Review Board. The content of the new version is very similar to the last version with few new additions. The biggest change is that the last section of LAF resources has been removed and replaced with a section that is open to anyone who has been impacted by cancer to better understand the role of advocacy, engagement, health communication and stigma on the cancer experience. This survey is available online only and is available in Spanish. Depending on the survey respondent's connection to cancer, the survey will take between 5 and 30 minutes to complete. The survey will take the most time (about 20-30 minutes) if the person has had cancer and is finished with treatment.