Anticancer Activity Found in Herbal Additives of Ancient Alcoholic Beverages

July 6, 2010

Karen Kreeger, 215-349-5658,
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Penn Museum Press Release

Confirmed: Anticancer Activity from Select Herbal Additives Found in Ancient Alcoholic Beverages

Penn Museum and Penn Medicine Research Collaboration Yields First Promising Evidence for Efficacy of Medicinal Compounds Once Employed by our Ancestors.

PHILADELPHIA, PA July 2010—New biomolecular archaeological evidence backed up by increasingly sophisticated scientific testing techniques are uncovering medicinal remedies discovered, tested, and sometimes lost, throughout millennia of human history—herbs, tree resins, and other organic materials dispensed by ancient fermented beverages like wine and beer. Did those ancient "remedies" work-and if so, is there something we can learn—or re-learn—from our ancestors to help sick people today? Read More

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