Melanoma Trial Gives Hope to Advanced Skin Cancer Patients

June 2, 2010


Lynn Schuchter, MD, professor of Medicine and Chief of Hematology/Oncology, was featured in a CBS 3 news segment revealing details on a breakthrough new treatment for the most serious forms of melanoma. The piece features a local patient who joined a trial lead by Schuchter in January. "This is really key to the future of cancer therapy," says Schuchter. "It's an unbelievably exciting time and it's really the most optimistic time I've ever experienced for patients with advanced melanoma." Scientists discovered a mutated gene in some melanoma. That's what the drug targets to stop cancer cells from growing. Schuchter reports that "patients take a pill and within a short time we see actual shrinking of the melanoma." After six weeks of being on medication, the patient's tumors shrank by more than 50 percent. Watch Segment

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