Privacy Issues Can Stall Cancer-Cluster Reviews

May 26, 2010

Columbus Dispatch

Edward Emmett, MD, deputy directory of the Center for Excellence in Environmental Toxicology, comments in the Columbus Dispatch about access to detailed information from the Ohio Department of Health during his investigations into a link between cancer cases and C8, an industrial chemical found in drinking water in parts of Ohio. "There is a process," said Emmett. "It is a little bit slow, but we didn't come across any particular barriers." Emmett said he had hoped to use the cancer data he obtained to see whether there was an unusually high cancer rate among residents in the Little Hocking Water District. DuPont used C8 at a nearby plant to make Teflon. The chemical had been detected in drinking water there. Emmett said he gave up this line of research in 2008 because much of the information provided by the state of Ohio was too vague due to privacy issues for him to determine whether residents were in the water district... Read More