Tailored Therapy May Help More Stop Smoking

April 22, 2010

US News & World Report (via Health Day News)

New research suggests that a set length of time for using the nicotine patch may not work for all smokers trying to kick the habit. Penn researchers have already discovered that some people -- about three-quarters of smokers -- break down nicotine more quickly from the patches than other people do. These people may do better by taking drugs like bupropion (Zyban). And in the new study presented at the American Association of Cancer Research's annual meeting, researchers found that people who metabolized nicotine slowly did better if they used the nicotine patch for six months compared to slow metabolizers who were placed on the patch for only two months, followed by six months on a placebo patch. While extended therapy helps people stay off tobacco and recover from lapses, "it only works as long as people are on it," noted Caryn Lerman, PhD, deputy director of the Abramson Cancer Center in an article appearing on US News & World Report.com and MSN.com (via HealthDay News)... read more

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