Marcia Brose, MD, leads study on new thyroid cancer treatment

April 12, 2010

ABC 7 News
The Denver Channel

For the first time in 30 years, there is a new treatment for thyroid cancer. About 35,000 people face the battle this type of cancer every year, and one quarter of them don’t respond to traditional therapy. Now, there's a drug that's stopping tumors in their tracks...

A lump on Eimer's neck was diagnosed as thyroid cancer. When caught early, most patients are treated successful with surgery and radioactive iodine. But for one in four patients, it doesn't work. Many, like Eimer, are given about three years to live.

Dr. Marcia Brose, assistant professor of otorhinolaryngology -- medicine dealing with the ear, nose and throat -- at Abramson Cancer Center in Philadelphia is leading a study on a drug called Sorafenib. It's part of a class of drugs geared to stop the spread or actually shrink tumors. In early studies, it benefited 62 percent of the patients... read more

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