Cancer Connections Everywhere: Researchers worldwide are studying the many links between cancer and metabolism

March 2, 2010

Chemical & Engineering News

In the 1920s, German biochemist Otto Heinrich Warburg noticed a metabolic quirk in cancer cells—they break down glucose via an oxygen-free metabolic pathway, regardless of whether oxygen is available.

Today, a reinvigoration of Warburg's ideas is afoot, and it is a harbinger of a larger effort to determine the relationships between metabolism and cancer. Indeed, that multifaceted relationship will be the topic of an upcoming Keystone symposium in March. And just last week, pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca announced a partnership with Cancer Research Technology, the commercial arm of the U.K.'s largest independent cancer research funder, to develop cancer metabolism drugs (see Business Concentrates, page 28). Growing interest in this area of research is also evident in recently published studies... read more