Weighing HRT's Risks and Benefits for Menopausal Women

December 1, 2009


Philadelphia juries recently awarded more than $100 million to two women who say their breast cancer was caused by the drug Prempro, a hormone replacement therapy uses to alleviate menopause symptoms. According to WHYY radio and WHYY.org, Philadelphia area doctors are urging women to weigh their own family health history to decide if hormone therapy is right for them -- despite these recent lawsuits and the 2002 landmark study that found that a drug combining estrogen and progesterone elevates breast cancer risk. Ann. L. Honebrink, MD, associate professor of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology and medical history and says many women are willing to accept the elevated breast cancer risks. "The things that works the best, if we are just talking about making hot flashes, night sweats and all the stuff that accompanies them better, hormone replacement seems to be the most effective medication we have," Honebrink says. Read More