Oncology Social Workers

Oncology Social Workers are available to assist patients and families with psychosocial, emotional, financial or other barriers to care. Our Oncology Social Workers are trained to recognize the challenges in adjustment that often accompany the diagnosis of a serious illness such as cancer and to assist patients and families in managing distress. They are experts in linking patients and families to community resources and in providing advocacy to those with cancer and their family and friends. The social workers also offer multiple support groups for patients and families as well as crisis intervention and supportive counseling. We also welcome patient and families interested in more information about Advanced Directives to contact our social workers for guidance.

 LauraLaura Kotler-Klein, DSW, LCSW
Coordinator & Social Worker for Breast & Gynecologic Cancers

Laura Kotler-Klein (laura.kotler-klein@uphs.upenn.edu) is a licensed clinical social worker for the Rowan Breast Center and Jordan Center for gynecologic cancer patients at Abramson Cancer Center. Laura has her Masters degree in Social Work from Columbia University, and her Clinical Doctorate of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania. Laura was an inpatient medical social worker at HUP with experience in liver transplant, a clinical trial for lung volume reduction for emphysema patients for the NIH, medical intensive care units, and cardiothoracic services. Laura is dedicated to improving patient and family’s quality of life during the trajectory of their care by providing emotional support, advocacy, discussions about goals of care, crisis intervention, and referrals to counseling and community resources.

Joyce MitchellJoyce Mitchell, LSW, MBA
SocialWorker for Hematology-Oncology, Head & Neck and Lung Cancers

Joyce Mitchell (joyce.mitchell@uphs.upenn.edu) is a licensed social worker serving the Head and Neck, Lung and Hematology Oncology populations within the Abramson Cancer Center. Joyce holds a Masters degree in Social Work from Temple University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from West Chester University. Joyce made her career working at HUP in various departments such as The Multi-Organ Transplant Division, The Department of Ambulatory Medicine and Neurosurgery and most recently, The Abramson Cancer Center. She was a regular presenter on psycho/social issues at the Annual Nurse’s Symposium for Renal and Kidney Transplantation and she contributed social work articles for the physician’s news letter “Internal Medicine” with the Department of Medicine. Joyce is passionate about helping individuals enhance or restore their capacity to manage their day to day functioning and ability to cope with problems related to health, financial and mental health concerns.

AndreaAndrea Strouth, MSW, LSW
Social Worker for Melanoma, Breast, GI, GU & Neurological Cancers

Andrea Strouth (andrea.strouth@uphs.upenn.edu) is a licensed social worker for the GI, GU, Neurology, Melanoma and Breast services at the Abramson Cancer Center. She received her B.A. of Psychology from Hope College and Masters of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania. In her role, she provides emotional support, crisis intervention and connects patients to community resources to address the psychosocial needs associated with a cancer diagnosis. She spent the past two years as an inpatient medical intensive care unit social worker and is passionate about advanced care planning to ensure patients feel empowered in every aspect of their care.