2012 Focus on Lung Cancer Conference

2012 Focus on Lung Cancer5th Focus on Lung Cancer Conference is a full day designed to address the personal and medical issues facing those with lung cancer; including those in treatment, survivors, their loved ones, and caregivers. Get information on the latest advances in lung cancer risk, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, symptom management and psychosocial issues; as well as the opportunity to network and gain support from other lung cancer survivors.

Conference Chairs

Andrew Haas, MD, PhD
Corey Langer, MD
John Kucharczuk, MD
Ramesh Rengan, MD, PhD 

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In collaboration with:
Pennsylvania Lung Cancer Partnership

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Lung Cancer Basic Overview
Corey J Langer MD, FACP

Latest Basic Research Findings
Steven M. Albelda, MD

Activating the Immune System
Gregory L. Beatty, MD PhD

Moving Beyond the Stigma
Nancy Gatschet

Advances in Risk Assessment
Anil Vachani, MD

Interventional Pulmonology
Andrew R. Haas, MD, PhD

Latest Surgical Advances for Lung Cancer
John Kucharczuk, MD

Radiation and Proton Therapy for Lung Cancer
Charles Simone MD

Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer
Tracey Evans, MD

Biologic Therapy for NSCLC
Charu Aggarwal, MD, MPH

Treatment for Small Cell Lung Cancer
Roger Cohen, MD

Successful Aging After Cancer
Jerry Johnson, MD

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