2012 CANPrevent Skin Cancer

May 18, 2012
Hilton Hotel, 4200 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

Conference Chair: Christopher Miller, MD

CANPrevent is a prevention series featuring experts from Penn's Abramson Cancer Center. CANPrevent Skin Cancer is a half-day symposium designed to help those at risk for skin cancer. This conference was designed for:

The general public, especially those with:

    • Natural blond or red hair color
    • Presence of atypical or numerous moles
    • Sun sensitivity (sunburning easily, difficulty tanning)
    • History of excessive sun exposure, including sunburns
    • History use of tanning booths; or diseases that suppress the immune system
    • Personal or family history of melanoma, basal cell or squamous cell skin cancer

Agenda [PDF]

View Invitation [PDF]

OncoLink Brown Bag Webchat - Test Your Knowledge of Sun Safety and Skin Cancer

Conference Presentations

OncoLink.org and What's My Risk?
Charles Simone, MD

Detecting and Preventing Skin Cancer
Christopher Miller, MD

Take Control of Your Own Skin: Learn to Identify Skin Cancer Before Your Doctor Does
Christopher Miller, MD

If I get Skin Cancer, What are the Different Ways to Treat It?
Christopher Miller, MD

I Know What I Need to do to Protect My Skin, So Why is it so Hard for Me to Change My Behavior?
Neal Niznan, MSW

Skin Cancer Risk Factors, Detection and Prevention

Setting the Record Straight: Dispelling Myths about UV Light, Sun Protection and Skin Cancer

The Difficulty of Behavior Change for Sun Protection and Skin Cancer Treatment Options