2011 CANPrevent Lung Cancer

October 14, 2011
Hilton Hotel, 4200 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

Abramson Cancer Center Faculty

  • Anil Vachani, MD, Assistant Professor, Pulmonary
  • Robert Schnoll, PhD, Associate Professor, Psychiatry (Tobacco Research)
  • Drew Torigian, MD, Associate Professor, Radiology
  • Janet Audrain McGovern, PhD, Associate Professor, Psychiatry (Tobacco Research)
  • Carolyn Vachani, RN, MSN, OncoLink Nurse Educator, OncoLink.org

CANPrevent is a prevention series featuring experts from Penn's Abramson Cancer Center. CANPrevent Lung Cancer is a half-day symposium designed to help those at risk for lung cancer:

  • Learn about the key risk factors for lung cancer
  • Hear about the latest results from a National Cancer Institute (NCI) study showing that there were 20 percent fewer deaths among smokers who were screened every year with low dose spiral CT scans, compared to those who had standard x-rays.
  • Learn how lung cancer can be detected early at its most treatable stage by low dose spiral CT scanning
  • Understanding their lung cancer risk
  • Learn how to quit smoking
  • Learn how to prevent someone from starting to smoke cigarettes
  • Have questions answered by lung cancer experts
  • Find out about risk for all cancers by taking the OncoLink® What's My Risk? Confidential Questionnaire

Agenda [PDF]

Invitation [PDF]

Speaker Presentations [PDF]
Lung Cancer Risk 101
Anil Vachani, MD

Quitting Smoking 101
Robert Schnoll, PhD

How to Prevent Starting to Smoke Cigarettes
Janet Audrain-McGovern, PhD

Screening for Lung Cancer
Drew Torigian, MD

What's My Risk? on OncoLink
Carolyn Vachani, RN, MSN